Bike Lights Are Really Important – No Matter Where or When You Ride

A smart commuter understands the hazards of ignoring road safety and will never risk his life by being careless. Among the various safety measures that commuters must abide by, having proper bike lights should be given top priority. They keep riders safe in the dark hours from hitting into objects and vehicles.

According to a recent survey, maximum cycle accidents take place during the night hours. However, the percentage of such accidents increases to a large number when commuters don’t have bike lights.

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Cycling in dark hours, under challenging terrain or weather conditions can be dangerous and can be an open invitation for fatal accidents. However, if commuters follow appropriate safety measure such as having bike lights, odds of such accidents can be eliminated to a great extent.

Why Are Bike Lights Important?

Imagine yourself driving a car in the wee hours of the night without headlights. With other motorists ramming towards you, one wrong move can result into a nasty accident. If the picture seems horrifying, what about cycling without bike lights? Commuting through dark roads is always a challenge and with no bike lights, the probability of road accidents mounts up significantly. Having bike lights keeps a cyclist in the eyes of other night riders. Besides, a bike light illuminates the road ahead and helps a commuter to steer his path through crowded and busy streets. Unpredictable weather is also a big challenge to be countered by cyclists. You may not have a roof over the head, but not having a reliable bike light set, can be fatal for your safety.

Bike Lights Are Important For Every Cyclist

Whether you prefer cycling to avoid busy city traffic or like to take on outdoors for adventures, bike lights are classified as must have for every cyclist.

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If commuting through busy city lanes, having a reliable bike light ensures adequate protection with better enhanced vision in dark street corners. Similarly, commuters who love conquering outdoors can use the benefits of bike lights. They can be used as a guiding light, which will let know about what’s in store at the next bend. In case you prefer cycling for both the purposes, we suggest you to the Magicshine bike lights for they are highly dependable and rate very high on performance.              

Additional Protective Rear Bike Lights

To keep on the safer side, it’s always advisable to carry additional bike light packages or least a spare battery, fully charged, with you. Besides relying on a front bike light for long hours, you can carry some light units that can be placed in various cycle parts and thus enhance the safety standards. Rear bike lights are a must have light units, while cycling during dark hours. Because the front light unit will just be focusing white light in the moving direction, rear bike lights provide an appropriate protection from motorists approaching towards you from behind.  

Generally, rear bike lights produce red light and are similar to tail light with cars or motorcycles. As a result, light makes the commuter more noticeable in the dark hours and helps them in avoiding road accidents.

Bike Lights UK Offering the Best Bike Lights

Emphasizing on the importance of bike lights as an essential safety provision, markets are flowing in with light units of several type and variables. But, how to decide on which light unit will make riding experience the safest possible. Need an expert opinion? So we have a one. Here we bring to you three of the best light units available with bike lights UK at the most attractive price tag.

Magicshine Mj-890 160 Lumens - £33.99

With its compact design and handy size, the light unit has an adjustable strap and easy to mount on any sort of handle bar.  The bike light is only 8cm by 4cm in dimension, but is actually quite powerful and can even be used as a handy flashlight.

Owing to its fully waterproof IPX4 configuration, the light can be accompanied in any sort of terrain and weather condition. The light unit is powered with integrated li-polymer battery and can produce a backup 9f 9-10 hours. Besides, the light has a top mounted switch that changes color indicating the remaining batter life.

Magicshine Mj-880 Light Unit - £99.99

Don’t get fooled with the small and compact design because this light unit produces a powerful output of 200 lumens. The light unit has an advanced V shaped mount that makes mounting on handle bars quick, easy and more secure.

When compared with equivalent light units, the new MJ-880 has a lot fuller spot beam and brighter output. The light unit offers five setting options - 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100 that can be easily adjusted with switches on the top. In case the light gets overheated, it automatically lessens light output. Moreover, the light unit has a circuit protection board that save from damages caused by overcharging, over discharging and short circuits.

Magicshine Mj-872 1600 Lumen- £99.99

The light unit just weighs about 112 grams, but produces an unmatched output of 1600 lumens. Complementing to its compact design, the light unit has an anodized satin finish and a waterproof feature with ’O’ rings. 

The light unit is operational on 4 different brightness levels and is protected from overheating. Powered by Magicshine MJ-6002 series 3 battery, the light unit produces output of 8.4v and has a run time between 150 – 180 minutes. Shored up with 4 Cree XP-G LEDs having average life of 50,000 hours, the light unit comes in a T6 aluminum alloy shell. Besides all these incredible features, the light unit is waterproof with IPX6 configuration and comes with an extended 12 month warranty.

Buying bike Lights for the First Time: What You Should Know?

While commuting, safety should always be a priority and a steady bike light unit is the right way to begin with. However, before ensuring that your first bike light unit continues for years challenging every extreme condition, we would like you to understand the following crucial factors.                 

Determine the Light Purpose

The selection of a bike light is principally conditional on how the light unit will be used, whether you need to city commuting or for riding through the woods. For instance, if like riding bikes off-road, opt for a light with broader spectrum, but if your daily cycling routine is on-road, prefer a light with a focused beam. Moreover, never judge a light with its size and shape, evaluate its brightness and functionality.


Choose a Durable Design to Challenge Any Condition

A bike light should correspond with a rider like a true companion in every conceivable condition. While commuting through testing mountain slopes or dark streets on a rainy night, risks can get rally high.

You can meet these challenges head on with a bike light unit boasting of a resistant design and battery pack with longer shelf life. According to the use, also check the material, water resistance and whether it runs on LEDs or other light systems. Beema Cycle Front Light unit is one reliable selection that comprises all quality attributes mentioned above.

Check for Brightness and Battery Life

Before concluding on a specific bike light unit, it’s important that you have all sorts of technical specifications about the product. Firstly, check for the power and lifespan of a light bulb. Ensure that the brightness output is correspondent to your riding style and has an appropriate range.

Now, determine the light on grounds of its battery type and run time. Good quality bike light units run on rechargeable battery packs with ample power production and enhanced burning time.       

Standard Bike Lights

Such light units are designed to illuminate roads and surroundings with a single focused beam. Moreover, these units are adjustable with beam settings according to the exterior visibility condition.

Flash Bike Lights

Flash lights are probably the most advanced rear light units that make your presence on the road noticeable. The light unit flashes at a very high speed and thus goes perfectly well with the rear end of the cycle.  

Buying Quality Bike Light Units

You can either opt to run from store to store in search of an ideal bike light, or order online. The internet offers a wide variety of bike lights with product details and prices listed clearly. You can also make comparisons and avail great discounts on bike lights UK products. Get in touch with Bike Lights UK for products that are best in class, and come with original product warranty.

Buy the Best Bike Lights Online at Bike Lights UK

Bike Lights UK is a well known name in the European bike lights industry. They deal in globally recognized brands such as Magic Shine, Beema and Fluxient. All Magicshine products from Bike Lights UK come with a 12 month warranty, which includes the batteries too. With an experienced and professional logistics team in place, all orders are dispatched within 24 hours.

Let’s take a look at why customers consider Bike Lights UK the best company for buying bike lights. The company is selling the best Bike Lights available online and at all times is offering some special package or discount to the customers. By checking the site regularly the client can take advantage of them.

Check out the list of the best Bike Light and also what special offer awaits you:

Magicshine Eagle 600 OLED Display Bike Light at a special rate of  £79.99

It tells you the runtime at any instant. It is the first bike light that comes with an inbuilt OLED display system. The output is an astounding 600lumens due to its ultra bright LEDs. Bike Lights UK is the sole distributor for the company in UK.

Beema AS-2000 Front Bike Light | 2000 Lumens Bicycle Light at £99.99 instead of £147.99

The power output of this bike light surpasses what you pay for it. The lux rating and distance is quite good; it is one of the most popular best bike lights among amateurs as well as professionals. When you buy these bike lights from Bike Lights UK, you can be fully assured of its quality and performance. Bike Lights UK is the sole distributor for the company in UK.

Magicshine Mj-880 + MJ-818 Rear Bike Light Package now at £159.99 instead of £207.99

This is a powerful combo pack of Magicshine’s two most successful bike lights. The award winning MJ-880 and the all time trustworthy MJ-818 make the ultimate winning combination. The MJ-880 offers output of 2000 lumens and comes with a new age V shaped mount. The MJ-818 gives an impressive output of 85 lumens, making the rider clearly visible to all.

Fluxient 4XR5 light unit Upgraded XP-G R5 LED’S

The new upgraded version comes with LEDs; the output has been enhanced by almost 20%. The customer gets a two year warranty with the product. It looks very sleek with the gun metal finish. It is perfect for riding in the night and in the early hours.

Prompt Deliveries

When customers place orders for the best bike lights at Bike Lights UK online store, the company makes it a point to dispatch orders at the earliest. All orders placed before 3pm from Monday to Friday are sent on the same day. All orders above £30.00 are not charged for 1st class delivery.

By paying a small token amount of £3.99, customers can choose to get their orders delivered before 1pm the next day. The company has a record of delivering International orders within three to ten days.

Essential Commuting Gear for Cyclists Safety

Whether you prefer bikes to commute to work or love them for adventure rides, safety is one vital aspect that can never take a back seat. As a responsible bike rider you need to be prepared with all essential commuting gear for all terrain and weather conditions. In what follows, let’s find out about fundamental commuting gear you should have to guarantee safety while biking.


At times when you are cycling through the dark, whether on city streets or off the road, headlights become an important safety feature you definitely need. Headlights will light the way ahead and also make you visible to other motorists on the road. Always select a headlight with durable batteries that has rechargeable and is operational in all weather conditions.

Tail lights

Similar to a bike’s headlight, a tail light acts as protection to the back of bike. Generally, these lights have blinking patterns on them, which provide visibility lend more visibility to cyclists from others on the road. Make sure that the tail light is equipped with ongoing batteries and is always mounted to the seat post.             

Reflective jackets

The importance of wearing a reflective jacket is similar to that of a life jacket with water sports. A reflective jacket will keep you covered and at the same time make you more clearly visible to other commuters. Prefer reflective jackets with bright colors that are reflective and visible from a good range of distance.


Because you will be cycling in almost every kind of weather condition and terrains, your bike definitely needs good quality fenders for enhanced protection. Similar to wheel covers in cars, fenders averts the circulating water on the wheels to come back at you while riding.  Selecting the best fender generally depends upon the width of bike’s tire.  However, fenders designed from sturdy plastic or metal plates are usually light and really durable.

Tool kit

Having space for a tool kit in the cycle is as much important as carrying one in your car. You never know when a cycle may break down and where. The tool kit should be multipurpose, compatible with your bike design and have all the basic set of tools you may require. Tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, lire levers and a patch kit are some essential things the kits must have. Even a spare tube should be included in your basic tool kit to ensure some extra safety.   

A Guide to Lights on Your Bike

Britain, every year records 19,000 cyclists injured during accidents, and around 3,000 of them sustain serious injuries leading to a rider’s death. Most of the causalities include adults, who move on roads without proper lights on their bikes.

A bike light’s purpose is not only to guide the path in front, but it also makes other drivers aware of a biker’s presence. Around two-thirds of all fatal accidents occur in junction points of urban areas. So, it becomes necessary to adopt high beam lightning system on your bike before moving out in dark.

Next presented are some easy and effective methods for making your presence felt on the road.

Powerful Front Light

Halogen and LED powered bulbs deliver strong bright light. A high power front light ensures that a cyclist remains aware about pedestrians. New LEDs are available with flashing options, which not only illuminates the track, but also enhances visibility to other drivers on the road. MagicShine bicycle front lights are best in class with flexible user controls. MagicShine Eagle 600 OLED, one of the best front bicycle light available at £79.99is a pretty good option for biking enthusiasts, who love to ride late in the night.


Dynamo Powered Lights on Wheel

Installing dynamo powered lightning system on both wheels can add a feature to rider’s safety. These lights get charged using a tires motion and the rider need not to worry about battery problems. These lights are available in a variety of high visibility colors at reasonable prices in local markets. 


Rear light on the Bike

A red light on rear of bike must blink regularly so that any following vehicle can correctly judge a cyclist’s position. The purpose of backlight is to make aware surrounding vehicles about a biker’s presence on the road. An alert driver will just slow down the vehicle’s speed while approaching near to a bike. Most riders choose to use rear bike lights powered by AA batteries. AA standard batteries have limited life, not suitable for mountain biking. The MagicShine rear bike lights offer high light output and a long running time.


Reflective Vest

A reflective vest or jacket makes cyclist highly visible to motorist during dark and foggy nights. Imagine a scenario when something drops down from cyclist’s pocket. At this stage, cyclist needs to get off a bike and pick it up quickly. Wearing a reflective jacket over the chest makes improves visibility and provides due safety while fixing an issue. The straps on the jacket are so designed that they start to appear moving with rider’s motion during pedaling.

Helmet Lights

Helmet mounted front light grabs much more attention of vehicle’s passing by. Helmet lights direction changes with the head movement of a rider. A little red rear light on the backside of the helmet helps to pass a sign of caution to following vehicles. A flashing light on the helmet is much more noticeable to car drivers than a steady light. 

Top Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding

In the nights under mountains what distinguishes a rider from the peers, is the lightning system of his bike. A passionate cyclist is careful & loves to speed on curvy tracks with safety. Specializing in bike accessories, BikeLightsUK offers some of the most powerful off-road lights for your super machine.

If you’re a pro, you know that 24-hour racing is possible in all rough terrain conditions only with a pair of sturdy front and rear bike lights. With reliable bike lights, dark nights feel like sunny days and rough roads as local routes. Next, we are describing some products from our wide selection of bike accessories which we know are quite popular with off-road cyclists

Front lights are the eyes of rider in dark nights and guide his path in a rough terrain. Rear bike lights on the other hand, make us visible to those behind us.

List below are the top mountain bike lights for night riding:

Magicshine MJ-856 1600 Lumens:

One of the brightest light units from the Magicshine range with an impressive 1600 Lumens out, this front light combines both power and affordability. With minimum weight and brighter appearance than a car headlight, it makes your ride enjoyable even on the Alps.

Fluxient 3xU2 XM-L2 LED

New 2014 model of the light with upgraded LEDs & 3000 Lumens strong power makes it 20% brighter than its predecessor.

An amazing price with 2 year warranty has made it a favorite among the riders. Four different options of lightning levels provide enough flexibility to the rider. It is very easy to mount away this light from the bike’s bar and flicking through the functions.

Beema AS-2000

The Beema front light is designed to meet local needs. It is suitable for mountain bike riders looking for a strong battery and multiple mount options. The product comes with an extended warranty of 2 years!

Magicshine Eagle 600

Eagle 600 is first bike light with OLED display system to show rider an accurate run-time and beam pattern.

An output of 600 Lumens is produced by using two ultra bright LEDs.

Three flash setting options are provided to the rider with dual beam. Other features include a 360 degree rotatable mount, side visibility and built-in USB rechargeable 3100 mAh battery. An extended warranty of 12 months make it a must buy option in front bike light segment. On the track, it is very important to stay visible to our friends. This will help in correct navigation. This light does exactly that.

Magicshine Mj-818

This rear light unit has an output of up to 85 Lumens and its light reaches up to a distance of 100m behind the rider. This light not only provides safety but also acts as a guide to your companion. The battery (10 hours run time!) is packed inside a protective cover.

Complete Guide to Buying Front Bike Lights in 2014

Winters are indeed a testing time not only of your biking determination, but also of your favorite bike and its equipments. As such one of the most imperative equipment of the winter regalia for your bike is bike lights. Outstanding bike lights certainly go a long way in keeping you safe especially during the extended period of darkness fostered by the change of clock. Let’s analyze some exceptional bike lights for the year 2014.

Stupendous and excellent bike lights are extremely important not only to guarantee your safety on the road, but also to ensure that you get spotted in the first place. Bright and striking lights show the world where you belong, therefore use your lights in order to assert you rights!

Things to Consider When Buying Bike Lights

1. LED’s: These are the light emitting diodes which have apparently become the favorite bulb of choice for many bicyclers over the past few years.The LEDs offer better brightness and visibility. LED can run to power to full beam, they run cool and most importantly these are fairly inexpensive. Example of one of the best LED bike lights for these winters are the Magicshine Eagle 600 OLED, bike lights with dipped/high beam settings, which are ideal for the winter settings.  

2. Battery/Charging: Over the years battery run times have improved drastically. But still make sure that you do not get tricked into the manufacturer’s claimed run time as they always try to project the best ever possible run time. Run time certainly extends with less power usage.

3. Casing & Controls: Make sure your bike lights are cased in a robust and waterproof casing that is sufficient enough to protect them from the gloomy mornings and dark nights of winter which are coincided with the wet weather conditions and road mud.

Types of Lights

1. Emergency Lights: Emergency lightsare small enough to fit in your bag while commuting. These are ready to be called into action in case your main lights fail to work by any means. These are low powered LED emergency lights that light up a region of 15 to 25 Lumens, certainly not a huge amount but would definitely be sufficient to get you home.

2. Commuter Lights: These lights typically offer an increased Lumen output that ranges anywhere between 50-300 Lumens and above. Good commuter lights are generally waterproof and can be easily attached to any bike. Majority of them can be charged via USB ports.

3. High-Powered Lights: These lights are ideal for unlit roads and country lanes. These lights are often powered by a removal and rechargeable battery. At times these are also accompanied by a separate battery pack that is generally strapped to the top tube. However, majority of these can be charged via USB. The high powered lights offer a variable beam pattern. Some of them are particularly designed for usage in off-road with a very wide spread, while other are designed with a much focused beam. Magicshine MJ-808E 1000 and Fluxient Bike Light 4XR5 1600 are highly recommended as they offer an ideal beam pattern between the two mentioned earlier. These not only help you to avoid the blinding drivers, but they also ensure that there is sufficient light to spot minutest of hazards on the road.

Essential Winter Items and Bike Accessories for Cyclists

Bikers never stop and want to keep on going despite all the hardships including rain, snow, rough trails and bad light bad weather can force upon them. Even though bikes are for summer, cycling enthusiasts wish to continue biking in even the testing winter season. And if you too have got a nice bike and are wondering how you can make it through icy temperatures and bad light during winters, you simply have to get a complete set of top quality bike accessories to make it happen!

Powerful front bike lights are one of the top winter essentials which will make the devastating experience of a bike ride in cold and dark settings quite relishing and memorable for you!

Following are some other major bike accessories for winters:

Bike Lights

Bike lights, especially front lights, are one of the most important bike accessories for winters. Compared to summers, days and evenings in winters are relatively shorter and darker respectively. You need to ride to and from work in complete darkness and it is often difficult to clearly see the road and objects in front of you. Also, you are less visible to other motorists with heavier vehicles and that can be more dangerous!

So, it is important to get quality rear and front bike lights for your bike that can provide a proper, powerful beam of light in the dark. A front bike light with LED bulbs would be the best option, but make sure you get rechargeable batteries for uninterrupted power supply.


Mudguards are highly helpful in keeping you dry throughout the trip, regardless of how short or lengthy the journey. Unlike the bikes without mudguards, one with a sturdy and well-placed mudguard won’t get dirty on wet roads and besides, keep your partner dry as well.

You don’t have to worry even if your bike doesn’t have a mudguard as yet; mudguards along with ready-to-use mounts are there in the market. Most are already coming with amazing features like zip ties, rubber bands and in some brands even trimming to make this essential accessory more reliable, especially during winters!


Quality, full-finger gloves offer protection against the cold in winters and offer better control over brake levers and the combined shifts. Since gloves come in different fabrics, size and shapes, you always have a wide range of options to choose from. You should, however, try to find a versatile pair that can offer everything from insulation and warmth to protection against rain, snow and iced air.


One of the most important items for bike riders in winter is overshoes. They look simple and delicate but are exceptionally effective tools when it comes to saving your shoes and feet from snow, rainwater or other damaging factors. Like most other cycling accessories, overshoes come in different quality, size and weights.

Where lighter overshoes are meant to protect your shoes only, heavier ones are waterproof, provide proper insulation and are able to protect you from rainwater.

Top 6 Accessories for Magicshine

Magicshine is well known among cycling enthusiasts who keep in mind majority of cycling aspects and buy high-end cycling accessories that do well in all weather conditions. If you too use a bicycle on a regular basis, this post is a must read! We’re going to discuss the 6 most popular Magicshine bicycle accessories including the famous Y-splitter cable for Magicshine.

For many people in the UK and several European countries, cycling is a great pastime. A large number of people also rely on their bikes for daily commuting. If you use a bike on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to upgrade it with a selection of high end accessories. It will just make your cycling experience safer and more satisfying. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these accessories. Magicshine, one of the leading brands, offers the following 6 best accessories:

1.  Y-splitter Cable for Magicshine

The Magicshine Y-splitter cable is ideal for all those who wish to run two Magicshine lights off the same battery. It’s great for mounting one light on the handlebars and the other one on the helmet. You can also opt to run the front and rear Magicshine lights from the same battery.

It helps you save time; also you need not carry two batteries. However, you need to remember that your battery will run down quicker. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a battery with higher run time in case you intend to use Y-splitter cable for Magicshine.

2.  UK mains charger for MJ-880

This UK mains charger is specifically designed for MJ-880 only. This is a genuine Magicshine charger and is marked with CE. At the time of charging, the light on the charger will appear red and when the battery is fully charged, the light turns green. The charger is well equipped with overcharge protection circuit.

3.  Magicshine Helmet mount

The Magicshine helmet mount provides you the alternative of mounting any of your favorite Magicshine lights to your helmet instead of mounting them on your handle bars. The Magicshine helmet is equipped with a unique Velcro strap that allows you to attach the mount perfectly to your helmet within no time. In order to attach the Velcro strap, you are required to have the O-rings, which are usually geared up with the lights. It is however recommended that you purchase the extension lead such that you do not run short of cables.

4.  Magicshine charger (CE MARKED)

The Magicshine charger is appropriately designed for all Magicshine bike lights except for MJ-880. The charger is specifically designed fitted with a UK plug. The light on the charger turns red at the time of charging the battery and displays green color when the battery is completely charged. It is completely safe to use the charger as it has an overcharge protection circuit. The charger is CE marked.


The one metre extension cable for Magicshine MJ-880 and MJ-880U is designed to specifically increase the length between the light unit and the battery. The extension cable is a must have accessory for all those who wish to mount the light on their helmet mount.

6.  Magicshine O-rings

Magicshine ‘O’ ring set is built to allow the bike lights to be carefully fitted to the biker’s handlebars. The set includes two O rings designed for standard and even oversized handlebars. These O rings can also be utilized to mount your helmet mount.

Adam Jackson - is the owner of Bike Lights UK which is a leading seller of all kinds of bicycle lights throughout UK and Europe. Prioritizing the safety and comfort of the riders Adam formed the Bike Lights UK. Being a biker himself he has been experimenting and adding all necessities of a bike rider whether it is gloves, cycle lights uk, clothing or any other accessory. He believes and advises in enjoying bike riding safely and comfortably.